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Emporio Rulli Coffee

Roasted daily in our Larkspur bakery.

Fantasia Coffee Blend
Our Price: $14.00

Pronounced fanta-ZEE-ah | A Vienna roast of Indian, African and Central American coffees, with the addition of French Roast, gives this blend an exotic taste with a hint of smokiness.
French Roast Coffee Blend
Our Price: $14.00

Our darkest roasted blend of Central American and African coffees is roasted to peak temperature, caramelizing the beans to bring out a rich, smoky and complex flavor. For dark roast lovers only!
Italian Roast Espresso Blend
Our Price: $14.00

Not to be confused with other blends of the same name, we blend seven types of beans from around the world to create an authentic Italian espresso - roasted to a deep chocolate brown for maximum flavor while still retaining its characteristic sweet, nutty flavor. Full-bodied without the bitterness - espresso as it should be!
L'Isole Coffee Blend
Our Price: $14.00

Pronounced lee-zol-eh | A marriage of the finest Indonesian coffees creates this smooth yet complex blend, which is given a full city roast to bring out the maximum flavor in each bean; heavy-bodied and perfect with cream.
Principe Coffee Blend
Our Price: $14.00

Pronounced prin-chee-peh | A smooth, velvety blend of Ethiopian Sidamo and Estate Java with floral highlights - makes a wonderful breakfast coffee.
Vienna Coffee Blend
Our Price: $14.00

A medium roast of Central America and Indonesian coffees gives this blend a rich, complex flavor with light acidity and full body.
Decaf French Roast Coffee Blend
Our Price: $15.50

The beans are processed in Hamburg, Germany, Europe's renowned decaffeinator. Our special blend is then French-roasted to achieve maximum flavor. You won't believe it's decaf!
Decaf Espresso Blend
Our Price: $15.50

This blend is similar to our French Roast, but roasted lighter in the Italian style to achieve a full-bodied yet sweet decaf espresso. If you can't have the caffeine but still want to enjoy an espresso or cappuccino, this is the blend for you.
Andiamo Gift Bag ( 2 coffee)
Our Price: $44.25

Rulli's logo canvas mini tote bag filled with two - 1lb bags of our Torrefazione Rulli coffee. A great hostess gift idea!
Shown without holiday decor.
Rulli Coffee Bundle
Our Price: $56.00

Rulli Coffee Bundle coming with 4-blends of our most popular house roasted Emporio Rulli coffee in 1lb. bags. Available in whole bean or pre-ground.